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There has never been a better time to be a Speaker.  

There are events happening every day. Walk into any hotel or convention center and you'll see digital signs, posters and pop up banners for event after event.  

When it comes to learning strategy about getting PAID to SPEAK- you might want to learn from someone who is on the road speaking for those events- averaging 100 a year! Elizabeth McCormick will shorten your learning curve and help you get there FASTER!

But it isn't as simple as the PROFESSIONAL SPEAKERS make it look. In this free training, you'll learn:

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Why Learn from Elizabeth McCormick, CSP?

You don’t have to be a former US Army Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot to get booked to speak like Elizabeth McCormick, CSP. Elizabeth learned to take complex systems and break them into sequences for optimal results. Elizabeth applied this skill to her own keynote speaking career which has rocketed since she started speaking, averaging over 100 speaking engagements (yes- paid) booked every year since 2014. She has spoke for many major brands including eBay, Shell Oil, Krispy Kreme, Oracle, Charles Schwab, AFLAC, Intuit, Lowe’s, American Airlines, General Dynamics, Coca-Cola and many, many more.

Elizabeth McCormick has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News, CNN and has been featured in the Wall Street Journal. She is an author with more than 19 published books, including the "Bookability Factor" about getting booked and paid as a keynote speaker. Elizabeth is also the Founder and CEO of the Soar 2 Success Publishing Company and a United States Congressional Veteran Commendation recipient. Elizabeth was recently named #5 on the list of “Leadership Experts to Follow” because of her social content and online presence.

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Amelia "Mimi" Brown

"Working with Elizabeth you’ll get your investment back tenfold. The first time I worked with her, I was blown away that within the first two hours of our session I received so much value, I could have packed up and felt like I got my investment back. Yes, she’s that good. If you take action on Elizabeth’s genius business development strategies your business will bloom! I know mine did."

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Phil Gerbyshak

"Elizabeth has helped my speaking career by increasing my speaker fees, by helping me develop better programs and by looking at the business in new ways. And she averages 100 engagements herself a year. She walks the talk. So if you’re looking for a speaker coach or a mentor in your professional development as a speaker who is going to teach you how to get results, and not just theory that might work. Look to Elizabeth McCormick."

Keynote Speaker Chef Deb Cantrell

Deb Cantrell

"I knew I wanted to speak on big stages with big returns but also needed help with my stage presence, speech writing, and performance. With each unique audience and their needs, getting the right kind of help to tailor profitable outcomes - such as reaching a certain quota for products sold, obtaining paid speaking referrals, or securing larger speaking engagements. After working with Elizabeth the first time, I closed $30,000 in sales within 1 hour of coming off the stage. Enough said."

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